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More than an urn

Create your own personalized keepsake to enjoy now and alleviate difficult future decision for others later.

By designing your own completely personalized urn, you can decide how you want to capture your essence.

Enjoy the beauty of your sculpture now, with the personalized information added later.

You can fully create your one of a kind memorabilia without any time constraints!


This customer had a purse they cherished that they got from England 

a long time ago and wanted an urn created like

An Idea Is Born

What images, symbols and ideas do you want to capture your spirit?  Your imagination is your only limitation.  

Your Imagination Our Creation

You can design a custom sculpture that is unique to your personality that others may not have envisioned for you, leaving something that is truly embodies your spirit and is connected to you.

Past Customized  Urn Gallery

Personal information has been protected

Designing your own personalized urn while living, ensures your creation is 100% personal to you and how you wish to be remembered.  

When consulting on this design, the daughter had a different design idea than what her mother had envisioned she wanted for herself.