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Adult Paint Parties

Blend the Rules

Combines a professionally-led painting class with an entertaining evening of fun and excitement for all skill levels. 

Price: $45 per person

This includes: 2 hours of instruction and creation, 

16 x 20 canvas, painting supplies & photos of your event.

Adult Clay Parties

Clay artworks will dry for 5 days before being bisque fired. 

Artworks that were glaze fired will ready within 48 hours.

The host will be responsible 

for delivering them to the 

group after firing.

Seize the Clay!

An exciting experience creating your own hand-built clay masterpiece.

Guided by a pottery professional, tap into your inner artist while 

enjoying some fun and camaraderie. All skill levels invited.

Price: $65 per person (includes a return glaze session)

This includes: 2 hours of instruction and creation, clay & supplies, 

bisque firing, photos of your event and a return glazing session 

to complete your artwork with a stunning glaze fired finish.


*Every so often cracks result from stresses in the clay in the drying and firing process, 

ALSO on rare occasions projects not constructed properly can explode in the bisque fire. 

 artisaNGrounds is not responsible for replacing damaged work (through free sessions, refund, etc.)

Glaze Parties

Glaze Gathering

Join the glaze craze and paint your own design on a 

bisqued item of your choice that will be glaze fired 

to a beautiful finish and a fun keepsake. 

Price: $45 per person

This includes: 1.5 hours of instruction & creation, 

pottery glaze, all supplies, one bisqued item, 

glaze firing & photos of your event

Mini Michelangelo's​

Celebrate your child’s birthday or other milestone with a custom art party.

Keep the mess and mania out of your home and let us provide a wild time while

you sit back and relax knowing your child will enjoy a day to remember!

A professional artist will guide your child and their guests to 

create a colorful painting, clay project, or other unique 

tailored to hosts own chosen theme.

Kids parties: $30 per child (minimum 6 kids)

This includes: 1.5 hours of party time, all art supplies, 

instruction, aprons, stress free for the adults 

& photos of your child's event

Creative Kids Parties